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Required Auto Insurance in New York

When you own a vehicle in New York, you are required to have auto insurance for it. As long as the registration of the vehicle is valid, you have to keep the insurance policy. This is true even if you don’t use the vehicle. If your vehicle is registered in New York, your insurance policy has to be in New York. The policy also has to be in the name of the person to whom the car is registered. When you need auto insurance in New York, call us at Toedt Insurance Agency LLC in Albany, NY.

Required Coverage

There is an amount of coverage required for property damage for one accident. There is also an amount required for bodily injury coverage. There is a separate amount required for the death of someone involved in the accident. If there are two or more people who are involved in the accident, there is another amount required for their bodily injury. There’s also another amount required for the death of more than one person. Some of these amounts are relatively low, and it may be a good idea to get more coverage than the minimum required by the state. 

If you don’t have auto insurance issued in the state of New York for your New York vehicle, you could face having your car’s registration suspended. You may also have your New York driver’s license suspended. If you own a vehicle, make sure it is always covered by at least liability insurance at all times. It can save you from a lot of legal and financial trouble. 

Get Auto Insurance

When you need auto insurance in New York, give us a call at Toedt Insurance Agency LLC in Albany, NY to find out more and to get started with a policy of your own. 

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