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How commercial insurance can save your small business

Small businesses face lots of challenges every day. The risk level for failure is very high. While commercial insurance can’t protect you from everything, it offers a variety of lines that can come in very handy. At Toedt Insurance Agency LLC in Albany, NY, our team of insurance experts can help discuss your commercial insurance needs and determine the coverage that offers the most protection. 

How commercial insurance can save your small business

Commercial liability insurance

One of the biggest perils that businesses face and small businesses in particular is the danger of being sued. It is so common that about 30% of all businesses will be sued in any given year. In an atmosphere where suing is something that can bankrupt your small business, protecting yourself is vital. With commercial liability coverage, you will be able to pay a judgment up to the limit of your policy and also the legal cost associated with it. 

Commercial property insurance coverage

Commercial property insurance is different from individual home property insurance. Not only does it cover the physical building, but it also covers all the things you use to do business. This makes it valuable coverage for renters as well as building owners. It covers your tools, your machines, your office equipment, display cases and racks, raw materials, inventory, and lots more. 

Business interruption insurance

When something happens to your business to make it close its doors for the short term, income may come to a halt. Unfortunately, your expenses usually don’t. If you don’t have business interruption insurance coverage, you may not be able to recover from a temporary closure. It can help you to pay your bills and even payroll. It is a lifesaver. 

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