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Can One Auto Insurance Policy Cover Multiple Vehicles?

For car enthusiasts who can’t handle only having one vehicle or families who need more than one car to provide transportation for every household member, navigating car insurance comes with some unexpected challenges. Thankfully, our team of qualified insurance professionals at Toedt Insurance Agency LLC in Albany, NY has walked plenty of car owners through this process. From those who only own one vehicle to those who have upwards of three vehicles, we’ve seen all kinds of car-owning situations that require knowledge of car insurance laws and regulations to find the right coverage for that specific circumstance. 

If you worry that having more than one car stored in your garage or driveway will make insuring your vehicles complicated, you should sit down and speak with one of our agents before you panic. We can help you discover the right policy to suit your needs. We can also discuss the terms and requirements of certain policies, so you know whether you can keep up with that coverage.

Can a Single Auto Insurance Policy Cover More than One Vehicle?

While every auto insurance policy has terms and limits by which we need to abide, you’ll find that some car insurance policies have options to cover more than one car. Multi-car insurance policies are designed for this situation. While some policies may have wording that is confusing like “garaging” all the vehicles in one place, we can walk you through what different terms mean and how you can stay eligible for coverage once it’s in place. If your second vehicle is an exotic car or a classic one, you may need a policy that covers that type of vehicle like classic car insurance.

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Auto Insurance Coverage Options

Our agents at Toedt Insurance Agency LLC serving the Albany, NY area are highlighting the importance of having an auto insurance policy in place in the state of New York.

Auto insurance coverage options provide you and other drivers with the financial protection needed if an accident occurs or your vehicle is damaged. Auto liability insurance is required in the state of New York for all drivers, but there are other coverage options you can choose from to keep you and your car, truck, or SUV properly protected.

Auto Insurance Coverage Options

Collision Insurance

This type of auto insurance will help you repair your vehicle and other vehicles involved in a collision. It will also come in handy if you collide with some sort of inanimate object.

Comprehensive Insurance

If your vehicle is damaged or destroyed by a fire, natural disaster, vandalism, or some other awful event, you will be happy to have comprehensive insurance since it will help you repair your vehicle or replace it. This type of insurance is also important if your vehicle is stolen since it can help to replace your car, truck, or SUV.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage

If you become involved in an accident with a driver who has very little insurance or no insurance at all, this type of insurance policy will be very beneficial. It can help you with the expenses of repairing your vehicle and any medical bills that you may incur.

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To create the best auto insurance policy for you and your vehicle, contact the agents at the Toedt Insurance Agency LLC serving the Albany, NY area today!

Required Auto Insurance in New York

When you own a vehicle in New York, you are required to have auto insurance for it. As long as the registration of the vehicle is valid, you have to keep the insurance policy. This is true even if you don’t use the vehicle. If your vehicle is registered in New York, your insurance policy has to be in New York. The policy also has to be in the name of the person to whom the car is registered. When you need auto insurance in New York, call us at Toedt Insurance Agency LLC in Albany, NY.

Required Coverage

There is an amount of coverage required for property damage for one accident. There is also an amount required for bodily injury coverage. There is a separate amount required for the death of someone involved in the accident. If there are two or more people who are involved in the accident, there is another amount required for their bodily injury. There’s also another amount required for the death of more than one person. Some of these amounts are relatively low, and it may be a good idea to get more coverage than the minimum required by the state. 

If you don’t have auto insurance issued in the state of New York for your New York vehicle, you could face having your car’s registration suspended. You may also have your New York driver’s license suspended. If you own a vehicle, make sure it is always covered by at least liability insurance at all times. It can save you from a lot of legal and financial trouble. 

Get Auto Insurance

When you need auto insurance in New York, give us a call at Toedt Insurance Agency LLC in Albany, NY to find out more and to get started with a policy of your own. 

Why You Need Insurance for Your Automobile

There is so much distress that comes with the destruction or theft of your vehicle. It is a requirement in New York, alongside a license, that you have auto insurance. Are you in search of a lasting contract that will help cushion you from the strain that may come with unexpected destruction or theft? Toedt Insurance Agency LLC, serving the greater Albany, NY community, is a reliable partner on all your insurance needs.

Why You Need Insurance for Your Car?

More than cushioning the owner of the vehicle from stress related to theft and destruction, insurance carries along with it another couple of benefits.

These include:

  • Covering treatment of injuries that you may have sustained at the time of accident or theft. Auto insurance will work to supplement your health insurance towards your treatment.
  • In the event of a collision between two vehicles, insurance covers the owner of the vehicle responsible for the accident as well as the other party to repair the auto vehicles.
  • Covering of property in the vehicle at the time of an accident or loss. These may be devices that may have been damaged or lost.
  • An auto insurance cover works to provide cover for any passengers that may have gotten injured during an accident, whether or not they possess a driving license.

It is, however, important to note that insurance may not compensate for the damage to a car that has been covered by a warranty.

Get Your Vehicle Insured Today

Are you in Albany, NY and looking for an agency that will help you renew your cover or decide on the most suitable cover for your automotive? Get rid of stress! Contact Toedt Insurance Agency LLC or visit us and talk to one of our agents for more information or cover for your car today. Insure your vehicle through us today and enjoy your peace of mind.

Is it worth it to get roadside assistance as part of your auto policy?

If you are a car owner in Albany, NY or the surrounding area, you can count on the team at Toedt Insurance Agency LLC for all of your insurance needs. We can help you find the policy that works well with your needs. Contact our office today!

Benefits of including roadside assistance with your auto policy

In addition to the basic coverage that you expect from your auto insurance policy, there are also a number of exciting add-ons available. Features like roadside assistance can be of great benefit if you are ever involved in a mishap or experience a breakdown. 

One of the main benefits of securing your roadside assistance service through your auto policy is the fact that you know that any service providers dispatched by the service will be approved by your insurance carrier. This can give you peace of mind during a very stressful situation.

Your insurance carrier has a vested interest in keeping you and your vehicle as safe as possible. Roadside assistance that is provided as part of your auto service is sure to be efficient and effective. Being involved in an accident, or finding yourself stranded by the side of the road are incredibly stressful situations. Knowing that you have help on the way can help to alleviate that stress. Find out more today about roadside assistance and the other great feature add-ons available. 

Find out more today!

Toedt Insurance Agency LLC is proud to serve the insurance needs of our friends and neighbors in the greater Albany, NY area. If you have questions about the many auto insurance policy add-ons that are available in our area, give us a call or stop by our office today and learn more.


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